Goals and objectives of Society “Socionics”17.06.2009

Everyone is always willing be happy!

Everyone is longing for harmonic and happy marriage,  lovely and obedient children,  understanding and kind parents, tolerant and nice granny, responsive and helpful neighbours.

– Why communication with some persons is easy, but making a dialogue with someone is even impossible?
– Why one person encountered by accident can become more trustful and loveable than surrounding relatives?
– Why one can live own life in one happy marriage, but others have to divorce marriage many times?
– Why parents of marriage partner are sometimes the most close persons, but sometimes they are hostile? And children! It is wondering how different they had born in the same family? How it could be that parents are not able to love and to live in harmony with own children?
– Why it is easy for some persons to succeed in career, but why some fail at finding an appropriate place in their lives?
– Why all this takes place? Which causes of conflicts are the most common in family and social life?

Is there a secret of harmony?

Socionics does have answers to all these questions.

Thus our goals and objectives are:

  • to common way to kopīgi veikt ceļu, lai rastu atbildes uz dažādiem saskarsmes jautājumiem;
  • to engage more and more people who would like to study socionics and practice in their lives;
  • to engage youth in this process;
  • to offer useful counsels for families;
  • to contribute development of economics,  handing support for entrepreneurs by creating productive, solid and united working groups.