Spirit of Eurasia20.11.2011

Vladimir Putin
Sociotype: Maxim
2nd quadra
Psychosophic type: Plato

Alexander Lukashenko
Sociotype: Zhukov
2nd quadra
Psychosophic type:Akhmatova

Nursultan Nazarbayev
Sociotype: Zhukov
2nd quadra
Pychosophic type: Tvardovskis


The most prominent event of the second decade of November 2011 is the foundation of the Eurasian Union. It has been established through an international cooperation agreement on the foundation of a customs union among Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In the agreement, as in all mutual agreements among the representative of the second quadra, some hidden agenda for the society has to be expected, as well as some secret additions. This can be based on previous experience, for instance, Molotov – Ribbentrop pact and studies of socionics. Yet we shouldn’t be so naive!

What did the presidents have in common and what made them trust each other?

TThe three leaders of great countries found common ground as they belong to same quadra according to socionics. Moreover, all of them have extremely strong logical and sensing function. Based on socionics, it is known that mutual values are the cohesive element of each quadra. For the second quadra that these leaders represent, the most important values are authority, power, subjection, enthusiasm, order, system, law, hierarchy, trust, romance.

Socionics explains that the reign of the second quadra can be characterized by dictatorship and constant battle over maintaining power that can be stopped only by a war or revolution. The second quadra is concerned not only of sustaining power in their own field, but also of gaining control and even power over other territories. In history, the rule of the second quadra is known as repressive and is not acceptable to a lot of people. In a number of countries the manner in which second quadra rules is known to be disparate to the current age, stagnant and repressive of democracy and freedom. Anyone who manifests opposition to the second quadra, is sentenced as ill-disposed and enemy. As a result, persecution, compulsory emigration and deporting takes place, as well as imprisonment due to ideological reasons, assassination and murder attempts and cases of people vanishing into thin air.

Yes, these are the only means that can secure the unity of a certain ethnic group; however, at the same time private businesses will be suppressed to the utmost, but a great part of income will serve as a sustainer for the bureaucratic control system. Therefore, it is safe to say that the majority of the economic income from the Eurasian Union will be allocated to the current business elite, which is built up by the bulk representatives of the second quadra in these countries. Nowadays, when globalization is taking place, maintaining the nationalistic idea fail to provide the motivation to stay in homeland, if the conditions for survival are better somewhere else. For this reason, the attempt to keep power in the boundaries of one quadra will create irreversible consequences, since all types wish to live well in their homeland, not only the ones in power. All 16 sociotypes are needed in each country, as they are important and indispensable for growth, economical changes and welfare of society.

Note: this article was published 20 November 2011, but already 28 December 2011 Russian journalists are writing about the possible revolution.

http://www.snob.ru/profile/9402/blog/44831. This way revolution is on its way in Russia and democrats may come in power or there can be a tragic turn of events – war.