The genesis of the sociotype02.09.2019

In the Applied School of Socionics that is run by E.Udalova, there was conducted a bulky field research in order to find out the way the sociotype of the child develops in the mother`s body, when and how the basis of the type is formed.


Denying the genetic approach to the fact, the author drew her attention particularly to the field of information the woman is in during this period. For 9 months the woman forms a mutual body with the fruit of her womb, since they are so close. Consequently, the thoughts and problems the mother has during this important and liable period are highly influential.

Up to now, everyone has been used to say, `it`s genetic`. However, no credible evidence to this has been shown. The discoveries of G. Mendel have no evidence as well. Moreover, there are eventual proves that the development of the type in the family doesn’t happen genetically. This hypothesis more or less destroys the genetic hypothesis. The most impressive example is researching the genetics of twins. The research of the institution proves that twins are different even if a mother thinks they are identical. However, the information obtained from the mothers, was selected as a criterion to the employees of institute for adapting a new hypothesis.

The employees of the institution consider the type of the child to be an informative phenomenon rather than a biophysical that appears in the moment of birth. It may be compared to the process of a certain system being installed into an already made computer `box`.
Of course, some sort of genetic factors are vital at this point, since any `box` does not allow installation of all available things. For instance, a microwave cannot be used to install computer programs in it.


The research of the institution has proved that the `installed` content of the information in the human is determined by the information gathering conditions, but those are not genetic.
This hypothesis is approved by A. Bukalov, the director of International Institute of Socionics in Kyiv, who referred to `the spirit of quadra` and V. Eermak, who holds a view that next generations are not supposed to inherit the type of psyche.


According to the mutual considerations we may conclude that the type of psyche of the child should correspond to some sort of life patterns that enables living for today or even tomorrow. It would be senseless to emulate patterns of grandmother, great-grandmother whose type has been adjusted to different social environment and problems of another age. Flexible work with information flow has provided evolutionary progress of human being to the survival. There are grounds to think that type develops through selection of the individuals which satisfied their survival needs succesfully and became enabled to respond to the information flow and the requirements of life at their age.
After consulting a number of families, a lot of stories were heard about the atmosphere in the family that took place during the time of pregnancy. Eventually everything merged into a `film` that was a reflection to the way the type of the child developed in the mother`s body.
There is a hypothesis that the information the mother had processed most actively may echo as the child`s weaker functions. This assumption needed thorough verification.There were involved all mothers of the children whose sociotypes were determined. Having no knowledge of the purpose of inquiry and the hypothesis to be tested, hundreds of mothers were happy to linger in their memories of pregnancy. Some of the stories were recent events, but some had happened 20 or even 30 years ago.

The researchers were surprised to hear that these psyche functions which were intensively involved in processing of information during pregnancy; finally manifested as the weakest functions of child. However, in many cases it has not always been a negative load! Sometimes the mother-to-be was overwhelmed with positive aspects, excluding all the negative ones. In these cases the exaggerated overwhelmed behaviour of mother echoed as the child`s weakest function. Apparently the child `decided` that he or she is not interested in the mother`s exaggerations or finds them bothering, so he or she `decided` to wrap mind around something completely different. That can be simply explained by the fact that the child receives that information for processing and making adjustments in various ways.
In fact, the child receives and blocks the flow of the dominating function of the mother. It is the information or the greatest problem that depresses the mother at the time. At other times it is exaggeratingly overwhelming. Exactly this aspect becomes the weakest function or the less submissive one at the time of birth. The standard survival program is received even before birth.


An example: there was a girlfriend who was waiting for the arrival of her lover from doing military service for offering his hand to her. Suddenly she realized her pregnancy. She was curious whether or not he will marry her (this is a behaviour pattern of intuitive function). Finally they registered their marriage and moved to live almost on the other side of the country. During this period the woman thought whether or not she will find a job. The salary of huband wasn’t enough for providing life. The mind of the women was occupied with thoughts of survival and material status; therefore, the logical function was the dominating one. So the weakest and most submissive functions of the child were intuition and logics. It is how a Hugo type son with weak logics and intuition was born to a Esenin women.

This was an excerption from book “From theory to practice”. (In Russian, ` От теории к практике»,  выпуск № 1, Москва.)