Intertype relationships02.09.2019

The genetic nature of Socionik was that, thanks to models of the sociotipu psyche developed by its base-choice Auschra, there was an opportunity to predict relationship scenarios between types.

MR Filatov developed the survival rate of each type in the balls, which in turn allowed the calculation, in each of the 16 relationship scenarios, comfort or discomfort. Read more in the section: The survival rate of Sociotipa.

But there were cases of matching couples. It was fortunately that psychosophy, thanks to which it became clear that the advice on cross-compliance was already out of date only by the social method. Science is still evolving, a psychosophy that complements socionics. This means that there are 24 psychophysical sub-types for each social type, so the game of very important roles in cross-compliance is a psychophysical type.


  1. Basics about relationships
  2. Secret of harmony
  3. Table of intertype relationships
  4. Relations of activity
  5. Relations of activity in photos
  6. Relations of duality
  7. Relations of duality in photos
  8. Relations of partial duality
  9. Relations of partial duality in photos
  10. Mirage relations
  11. Mirrage relations in photos
  12. Mirror relations
  13. Mirror relations in photos
  14. Operative relations
  15. Operative relations in photos
  16. Identical relations
  17. Identical relations in photos
  18. Quasi-identical relations
  19. Quasi-identical relations in photos
  20. Relations of extinguishment
  21. Kindred relations
  22. Superego relations
  23. Relations of withdrawal
  24. Conflict relations
  25. Governed relations