Basics about relationships02.09.2019

How we should understand what is a relationship between people and environment? Every human is born with intellectual capacity and automatic reaction regarding certain excitements. The most complex thing in knowledge of ourselves is, that rare are these cases when we suprise ourselves, however we are able to surprise other people very frequently.

During the communication every human can act up as an observer or as active participant. Usually we consider other people as objects, to whom we form an attitude from our inner perception or perception of other people. If during the communication a person changes his or her status from observer to active participant, we start obtaining information. That information is fixed and processed in subconscious mind automatically. In order to get understaning how relationship should be guided, usually our inner self unconsciosly tries to get answer on some questions:


• how do I am seen by others?

• how do I see myself as other person?

• how much I accept the information I obtain?

• what happens to me when I engage in relationship?

If a person cann’t understand or accept myself, he or she is troubled and anxious. In a result of anxiety a wall appears between a person himself or herself and other people, proviking a question like, “Is my image offensive to me?”

Reflectory communication between people takes place automatically, it is why interpersonal relationships are recognizable at the moment. People sense them quite quickly, however you must consider that these are relationships between types, not personalities, as the latter indeed are not predictable.

Even wild animals make contacts through automatic reflexes, hower, unlike an animal, any human being needs love? Do all persons enjoy love. A passionate job might be considered as love, however, person gets balance when he or she acquires knowledge of intertype relationships.

Socionics is the first theory that touches deepest motivation of building contacts. By her classification Aušra made whole world dumbfound.

Within own quadra the relationships are most comfortable, between diagonal quadras these are very hard in long-term perspective, however relationships between proximal quadras contain many challenges that may lift up us far above our expectations, as well as push off to the abyss.

Article is based on work of Igor Kalinauskas.


Dear reader,

We tried to depict the nature of relationships through some illustrations of animals. They are chosen only for presentation of roles in relationships and are not supposed to be considered literally.