Conflict relations02.09.2019

Conflict partners:

Don Quixote – Dreiser, Dumas – Jack,
Hugo – Balzac, Robespierre – Napoleone,
Hamlet – Gabin, Maxim – Huxley,
Zhukov – Dostoevsky, Esenin – Shtirlitz


Igor Kalinauskas called them as relations of anti-activity, as the partner is able how to solve your problems at the best in order to improve the work process and attain positive results. However, it does happen very rarely.

It is in the beginning that one partner show great interest towards other, they are attracted by unsimilarity and unpredictability. Each partner shares own approach for solving problems. The intimacy strengthens the development of relations.

As soon as relations become more intensive, the true nature of partner becomes evident, and the differences create confusion.