Governed relations02.09.2019

Governed relations are asymetric relations where partners are in unequal positions. Usually one partner, the governer feels more comfortable and secure than the subject to governance, the governee. The governer comes from kindred quadra, however, the governee comes from the quadra of heirs.

Some sociotypes are mutually connected within the “ring of governance”. There are stated below 4 rings of governance, where governer precedes governee. The impact of the governer is illustrated through the symbol “>” before the governee.

1st ring of governance: Don Quixote > Maxim > Napoleone > Dostoevsky > Don Quixote

2nd ring of governance: Dumas > Hamlet > Balzac > Shtirlitz > Dumas

3rd ring of governance: Hugo > Gabin > Jack > Esenin > Hugo

4th ring of governance: Robespierre > Huxley > Dreiser > Zhukov > Robespierre


Governed relations are characterized by Igor Kalinauskas as relations between instructor and student, director and employee.

Usually it is the governor who takes control over the governee, expresses dissatisfaction, questions adequacy and suitableness of actions. Some time the governee may accept the rules of governer, though, when the governee comes out of patience, he or she starts to resist. The governee may become rude and even violent towards the governer. These relations are easily breakable, thus partners should be vigilant. Mutual injuries tend to take place quite often, both partners suffer from social control. Sometimes the governee may sense that at the presence of the governer all things fall out of hands. When partners share closed space, they easily lose attention. Sometimes conjugal life is ended as a result of serious illness of one partner. These relations are dangerous and cruel, harmonious life is almost inachievable within them.