Identical relations02.09.2019


To be more precise, these relations are not intertype relations, as both partners have same sociotype. Thus these relations are homogenous relations.

Igor Kalinauskas depicts these relations as those where information flows cease and extinguish. In them the partner is the best teacher, but the worst assistant.

The beginning of relations is pleasant, as initial impression leads to believe that your partner is familiar and understandable. Partners share similar view of life, even sense of humour and same language of gestures. However, they have common weak psyche functions that makes obstacle to mutual support.

Although both partners have same sociotype, it doesn’t mean that their character and behaviour patterns are identical. They might have different level of personality development, as the last is influenced through upbringing, education and environment.

These relations are comparable to railway roads – they go parallel, but they cross rarely. Two identical logical sociotypes suffer due to limited amount of topics for conversation. Two identical ethic sociotypes have topics for conversation, however, their conversations tend to transform in fruitless disputes. The main reason why these relations break easily is that the partners are unable to support each other in matters where they need professional help.