Mirage relations02.09.2019

Partners in mirage relations:


Don Quixote – Esenin, Dumas – Zhukov, Hugo – Dostoevsky, Robespierre – Shtirlitz

Hamlet – Dreiser, Maxim – Jack, Napoleone – Gabin, Balzac – Huxley


According to Igor Kalinauskas these are relations of tension.

There is an alienation in these relations, as partners hold different values, that makes mutual communication difficult.

The tension exists till competence of partner is accepted. Otherwise you may desire to leave the partner sideways, as you might be afraid from tracking and attacking you.

In these relations the relaxation might be deceptive, as the pleasant moments are experienced during the rest and entertainment. When you are together, the tension might diminish and you feel as under alluring mirage. Sometimes you fail to see the authority of artner. Disputes may rise suddenly and quickly calm down. The conjugal life comes up and down. In times of trouble partners hardly calm one another. If the partner engages in the matters of others, sometimes it is considered as an insult and provokes unpleasant discussion, particularly between two sensing partners (for instance, Napoleone and Gabin). Frequently partners fail to recognize and to suppoort activities of other, taking them for garbage, but it may not rouse hatred and anger. Partners keep their own opinion when disputes are settled.