Mirror relations02.09.2019

Partners of mirror relations

1st quadra: Don Quixote – Robespierre, Dumas – Hugo

2nd quadra: Hamlet – Esenin, Maxim – Zhukov

3rd quadra: Napoleone – Dreiser, Balzac – Jack

4th quadra: Shtirlitz – Gabin, Dostoevsky – Huxley


These relations reveal what you might not reach by own means naturally. You like to acquire something from your partner, as you treat partner of mirror relations as your teacher. These relations are at the best between parents and child, teacher and pupil, as your partner is attentive and tolerant towards you. It is the meaning of these relations. The partner of mirror relations deserves to be considered as the best teacher, one who notices what I really lack in myself.

In these relations partners find common grounds and understanding very quickly as both believe that they know each other quite long time. Partners share equal strong and weak functions, however they are reversed, like you see yourself in the mirror. However, this is a curved mirror, for each one is inclined to influence, change and correct the partner. These relations are suitable for solving professional issues, as they understand each other like friends and colleagues. They acknowledge their conversations as useful and meaningful. Both are inclined to make similar judgments, thus relations are constructive, objective and judging. Due to dichotomous similarity longterm communication get them tiresome, both have difficulties to express an opinion in unknown matters and to take care about partner. As a result, all mistakes are easily spotted, and partner becomes subject to changes, however, these efforts to change partner become fruitless.