Operative relations02.09.2019

Operative relations: cuckoo and golden oriole


Partners in operative relations:

Don Quixote – Zhukov, Dumas – Esenin, Hugo – Shtirlitz, Robespierre – Dostoevsky

Hamlet – Jack, Maxim – Dreiser, Napoleone – Huxley, Balzac – Gabin


Igor Kalinauskas labeled these relations as the most competitive relations.

Like in the mirror relations, desires and relations of each partner are hardly compatible in the operative relation. The main difference consists that conversations are easy if interests are aligned. This the reason why operative relations are labeled as the most competitive relations, a trial in front of social expectations.

If operative relations are present in the business environment, all liabilities and tasks should be fixed strictly in agreements, one should define all duties and privileges, including, what is permitted and what is prohibited. If operative partners have to manage something, they must take place in own department. You shall keep in mind that partner of operative relations cann’t be your deputy, as, in your own terms, he or she will make a mess!

As their competences and skills merge and match, one will hardly give up own position. However, their deepest desires are absolutely different, so results rarely match together. This is where the competivity does begin!

The closeness between partners forms only by time, as both partners try to keep distance. The paths to goals and problem solving are different. Although these relations are excellent for business, they are almost unsuitable for family life. Sometimes the competiveness brings to situations where partner becomes subject of adjustments and humiliations. Conflicting situations may alienate them, but they may quickly befriend again. The studies lead to think that operative relations in family life are started because of material reasons. Excitements and jealousy are uncommon in these relations.