Relations of activity02.09.2019


1st quadra: Don Quixote – Hugo, Dumas – Robespierre

2nd quadra: Hamlet – Zhukov, Maxim – Esenin

3rd quadra: Napoleone – Jack, Balzac – Dreiser

4th quadra: Shtirlitz – Huxley, Dostoevsky – Gabin


According to Igor Kalinauskas, activator immediately becomes defender of my vulnerable psyche function. In these relations the self-esteem of both partners is growing without any stimulus. That state of relations is comparable to the seance of psychotherapy which lets you cease to criticize yourself. Activator sets no objections, but confirms my ideas, bringing support and evidence for my ideas.

In these relations partners activate each other, hower they don’t remove a load or a burden from partner. Unlike in relations of duality, activators quarrel rarely and find common gronds more easily. As a result of constant activity, partners might get tiresome, it is why family of activators should not work at the same company or institution. Comparing to other relations partners are more vitalizing and energetic. Unlike duals, activators restrain from total responsibility of partner. Each activator stress own autonomy, independence and lifestyle. When taking care of partner, activator is looking from some benefits, submission, acceptance of habits and opinion. Activators process information flows differently – for one partner it is obscure and large, for other it is too simple and superficial. One partner is rational, other is irrational, thus activators have different rhytme of life.