Relations of extinguishment02.09.2019

Partners in relations of extinguishment:


Don Quixote – Balzac, Dumas – Napoleone,
Hugo – Dreiser, Robespierre – Jack,
Hamlets – Dostoevsky, Maxim – Shtirlitz,
Zhukov – Gabin, Esenin – Huxley


Igor Kalinauskas called these relations as neutralisation relations.

These relations are dramatic. Sometimes they are called as mutually destroying relations, because partners hardly work together, but hold excellent conversations. If these relations are between husband and spouse, their love becomes platonic. It is almost unimaginable for others, how they shares dream about union of souls.

Nevertheless, as soon as the couple starts conjugal life, it becomes veiled by lies and false. The self-estem suddenly falls down, and each one questions, “Am I good or bad?”.

When other person triggers this relationship, both desire to poach him or her on own side. A violation of balance takes place in the relationship, and many opinions of partner get questioned.

In these relations you value an attitude of the partner, but not his or her achievements. Relations of extinguishment are popular in marriage life. These relations tend to break when a child is born, as partners hold different and irreconcible approach to child upbringing.

When relationships get deepen, an introverted partner becomes detached, initial amicability gets lost and a stress enters in this relation. An introverted partner extinguishes the activities of extroverted partner, and by injuries insults him or her.