Relations of partial duality02.09.2019

Partial duals:

Don Quixote – Gabin, Dumas – Huxley, Hugo – Maxim, Robespierre – Hamlet

Zhukov – Balzac, Esenin – Napoleone, Jack – Dostoevsky, Dreiser – Shtirlitz


According to Igor Kalinauskas these are encouraging relations. These are good for learning and acquiring skills, however, life comfort hardly meet expectations.

These relations are characterized by mutable attitude and world view. The relations may be long-lasting and fruitful, if both partners eliminate communication barriers. They may accept consultations, but arrive to the goals relying on own mind. The conversations move on easily, partners deepen closeness quickly, as both have many common interests. The extrovert tend to neglect what the introvert was said, however, the introvert takes not it seriously and adjusts to the extrovert. Troubling issues may not be evident at the beginning in these relations, they come on the surface later. Creative functions of partners result in overproduction, however, the vulnerable functions of partners set troubling issues that are solved hardly. Although both are quite enthusiastic to assist each other, sudden and unexpected action of a partner may easily ruin these relations.