Relations of withdrawal02.09.2019

Withdrawal relations are asymetric relations where partners stand together in unequal positions. Usually one partner, the transmittant, the feels more comfortable and secure than the subject to withdrawal, the recipient. The transmittent comes from kindred quadra, however, the recipient comes from the quadra of heirs.

Some sociotypes are mutually connected within the “ring of social progress”. There are listed below 4 rings of social progress, where transmittant precedes recipient. The impact of the transmittants is illustrated through the symbol “>” before the recipient.

1st ring of progress: Don Quixote > Hamlet > Napoleone > Shtirlitz > Don Quixote

2nd ring of progress: Dumas > Maxim > Balzac > Dostoevsky > Dumas

3rd ring of progress: Hugo > Huxley > Jack > Zhukov > Hugo

4th ring of progress: Robespierre > Gabin > Dreiser > Esenin > Robespierre

According to Igor Kalinauskas the transmittant is called chief of whims, but the recipient is called executive of whims.

The recipient takes role and duties of executive before the transmittant naturally and voluntarily. Closeness in relations takes much of time, and this process does seem interesting. The misunderstandings are not linked with principal matters, however everyday life brings continuous dissatisfaction till it becomes unbearable. Partners may start demanding reports for everyday activities and bringing excuses for being outside the duly place. In business these relations may bring efficiency and profit, as skill development is natural within them.