Secret of harmony02.09.2019

Carl Gustav Jung discovered and studied the mechanism of attraction between human beings. He was the first who discovered, that there exists strong mutual attraction via subconscious mind when two compatible types start communication. How else one may explain the natural phenomena what is labeled as irrestible fall in love, fatal love, lovesickness? Unfortunately C.G. Jung did not deepen these studies, and although he had given some grounds for the theoretical basis of socionics, the actual discovery of new science is not attributed to him.

As for long time Jungian typology was not comprehensible for the average reader, it had lost popularity. There have been many other attempts for classification of personality types, although they all suffered same weakness, as these classsifications were built on studies of persons who had personality disorders. Many psychologists and psychiatrists published their studies, among whom the most remarkable are P.Gannushkin, E.Kretschmer, A.Lichko who studied 12 personality types, C.Leonhard who studied 12 personality types (accentuations of character).

The follower of C.G.Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers, was one who approached to the essence of socionics through classification and description of 16 personality types.

Contrary to the natural order of things, the most revolutionary changes was carried out by a person who had not psychological background, almost unknown Lithuanian researcher, economist and sociologist Aušra Augustinavičūte. She succeeded at decryption of Jungian typology and creation of constructive psychological model that served as a key for creation of own typological system and expanded model of human psyche (model “A”).

The outdoors of a flat is supposed to be open only by a certain type of key, a unique key that is useless for other flat. There are keys that opens the door when placed in a certain position, as in other positions doors remain locked. There are many complex issues in everyday life and nature, it is why we must not simplify human psyche, as it is the most complex mechanism for survival.

Relationships of duality are at the best if they are started in youth, when both partner had not experienced deception. When conflicts are experienced as inevitable reality many people avoid relationships if a new partner shares some similar treats of previous one, and it is why people hardly agree to enjoy the relationships of duality.

Let me remind you a case from a period of time when I managed dating agency “Scarletta”. There was an old gentleman, Balzac INTJ, who nine years lived in hostile relationships of conflict, woman who is Hugo ESFJ. There were ongoing scandals, raising of voice and even fighting. For a some period of time they made an attempt to save a marriage for children’s sake, however, there arrived a moment when both sensed that their nerves are beyound endurance and they separated.

When I offered to meet his dual partnel, a woman Napoleone ESFP, the gentleman paid no attention to my explanation, but declared “I will surely keep a distance from these emotional women”. As for the partner he had chosen a woman, Robespierre INTJ, however their romance resulted in a divorce after one and a half year. Then a Napoleone woman herself made a call to him and invited to a meeting. Six months passed and both arrived with a bouquet of flowers at hands and announced their marriage. Till this day they lived together and have excellent mutual understanding.

However, at youth the advantages and benefits of duality relationships are misappreciated, as in own maximalist young people sees future in happy and bright colours. In youth extraverts hardly believe that within the course of age they will feel a greater need for introverted partner, a dual.

Some days ago I asked a pleasant girl, sociotype Napoleone, what does she think about her dual partner, a man Balzac, and she replied, ‘Oh, he’s too slowly for me.’ Yes, I had same thoughts in my mind when I was young.

However, how long you will be running? It is necessary, than one stops you, lets you reflect and enjoy serenity. It is necessary to have a complementary partner, as a burden of life is unbearable for one. Although many people live in loneliness, all do not meet a partner. Or, why you should live with incompatible partner? A solitude might be a better solution.

Introverts feel alike, in a youth due to lack of hard experience, they are afraid from the extraverts, and for this reason an introvert usually engages in an incompatible relationship with another introverted.

Relationship of duality is the secret of compatible relationship. In everyday life we are lead to trust that a key for long-lasting and comfortable relationship lies in particular abilities to understand, accept, appreciate, hear, adjust, transform own life etc. If we know socionics, we must not treat ill these thousands of unhappy couples, for they did not live in relationship of duality and therefore they have rights to divorce. Finally, does it makes them people? No!