Superego relations02.09.2019

Partners in Superego relations:

Don Quixote – Napoleone, Dumas – Balzac, Hugo – Jack, Robespierre – Dreiser

Hamlet – Shtirlitz, Maxim – Dostoevsky, Zhukov – Huxley, Esenin – Gabin


Igor Kalinauskas defines Superego relations as the opposite to complementarity or dual relations.

These relations brings on surface all that I dislike, I keep away from, I am dreaming about. These are relations that manifest externally what every human hides from other innerly.

At the beginning of relations the partner attracts the other through own unique and different world view. Partner is admired for skills, abilities and giftedness, seems attractive and tremendous, you may not become indifferent in front of him or her. The course of relations starts slowly, it is only by time that partners found mutual sympathies. Each one recognizes talents he or she would like to manifest to public. Successes of partner are accompanied by interest, however, it should be noticed that quiet often one partner misinterprets challenges brought by other. Within a time these relations move towards more complicate issues. One easily becomes an egoist in eyes of other. It is noticed that Superego relations are built on profit. At the beginning of relations partners take care of each other, but later they come to conclusion that partners should not be trusted for interests and goals are different. Quarrelings take place in these relations without cease.