Tidy and untidy yard30.08.2019

Society pronounces many judgements about persons, their character, attitude and look, as well their home. People are more entertained by neat apartments, dwelling houses and their surroundings. Spruce house surrounding contests are held constantly, where the interior and surrounding landscape is exposed in magazines and other social networks. In order to promote the care of house among people, several contests are held in cities and villages for having the most beautiful and spruce yard. Last year there was held an exhibition ‘This is Latvia’ where photos of artist Vilnis Vītoliņš were presented. He also issued a bulky book that made an insight into the apartments of different types of people.

It is quite amusing to acknowledge that many people buy or build a house, but neglect the inside and outside. It is how dwelling places by time become redundant and even crowded with all sort of things. Some people neglect cleaning up their apartment, pulling weeds in their garden; thus, it loses the initial attraction.

We got an inspiration for the topic, having read an article in the magazine ‘Ieva’ with Baiba Sipeniece – Gavare and an interview in the magazine ‘Privātā dzīve’ with Elita Veidemane and Aivars Brīze.

Baiba says, ‘The only reasons for a messy yard are that you are lazy or dumb’. (© Baiba Sipeniece – Gavare, ‘Ieva’, 4 September 2013, No.36)

We partly agree to Baiba’s conclusion, since untidiness is unacceptable for majority. However, taking into consideration the socionics, we found that her statement was over-abundant.

To comprehend the reason behind our objection, we will explain to you, our readers, the crucial differences in perception between sensing and intuitive types.

SSensing is the reaction to the five senses with which the surroundings are perceived. People who possess sensing function, can feel smells, immediately recognize the unpleasant tastes, disorganized and unattractive objects (clothes, apartment, as well as landscape), get irritated by sharp noises and unpleasant physical feelings. Their senses grasp the finest details. These people are neat and flawless in their appearance, they think of the slightest detail to have a tasteful and harmonized outfit, get rid of disturbing smells, reject food that is not of a good quality, take care and clean their apartment and the surroundings on daily basis. They posses this talent from birth. Contests for the most neat yard and garden are usually won by families where landlord or landlady are of sociotypes Napoleone, Zhukov, Dreiser.

The sixth sense or intuition is an opposite to sensing. Intuitive types are not born for making constant perfection in material world. Intuitive type acquires these skills through assistance of sensing type, be it a parent, a husband or a wife. If the relations among them are harmonious, intuitive type learns to be constantly neat and tidy, to an extent that the carelessness is almost invisible.

Regarding the untidy houses that Baiba has seen in Latvia, there probably live the intuitive types who are unaccompanied by sensing type. Most of the times, these houses become overcrowded by mess, for intuitive types hardly notice the source of problems that disturb sensing types. This is a cause of untidiness, thus intuitive should not be labelled as lazy or lacking common sense. It is more likely that intuitive type will not be skilful landlord and manager of communal amenities, unless he or she finds a compatible sensing partner.

Baiba is a Napoleone type; thus, sensing type. She is willing to pull weeds, she engages in doing other chores, although she despite her intellectual work. Napoleone type have talent to do humanitarian, as well physical work.

Elita Veidemane is a Zhukov; thus, also sensing type. It was pleasant to read, as well as to see the interior and exterior of their home and enjoy the sensing harmonyt. We know that Elita Veidemane has dedicated all her life to intellectual work; however, she probably didn’t even realize that her real mission has been related to hand job. Elita claims that her dream has come true, since she has recently bought a house, where she becomeWe should highlight that sensing types are explicit, and from their point of view untidiness is only a sign of laziness. People with a doctor degree may dwell in a house that is on the verge of collapse due to the mess inside, and the weeds in their garden are up to elbows. A medical worker is obligated to follow a strictly pedantic and sterile order, however we experienced cases when in his or her home a guest may not find a place to sit down and have a rest.

Sometimes people notice, how the balconies of apartments are crowded with all sorts of items. It is a certain sign that an intuitive type lives there, since no attention has been paid to aesthetics. However, there are beautifully and elegantly organized balconies that serve as a place for relaxation and energizing. It is a sign that apartment is managed by a sensing type.

No type should be considered as bad! A compatible family needs one sensing and one intuitive type. If two intuitive types live together, it is already a sign of incompatibility; moreover, they will also have trouble dealing with chores.