Career counseling20.07.2010

Today, when we live in constant changes, an education requires a lot of investations. High professional competences and high results are expected from any employee. Now any person must regard his or her career as a life-term goal.

Many people had made wrong choice during youth and it costed them a lot. In many cases even highly paid and long-expected job does not lead to satisfaction and, even worse, made a life stressful and unbearable. For today, knowledge of socionics is a mandatory in matters of career counseling. It is through socionics that we can recognize our strong and weak treats of character. These treats echo in professional life as well.

Socionics highlights the fact that one must develop own strengths, as only strengths may be a tool for competition. However, we have observed that many people had made a choice to develop weaknesses in an attempt to save the life and to avoid problems in the future. At the first moment one may wrongly believe that knowledge may protect them, in many cases studying may appear interesting. However, gaining first work experience one gets easily trapped. After a failure a person may change jobs time by time, looking for better possibilities life and feel unlacky and unsatisfied.

Unlike other career counselors, we doesn’t measure interests, as holding interests may indicate only some social needs, not more.

Our counselors have good experience and they are to assist you by giving tips and advices, making you to choose succesful path towards goal.