Diagnostics of sociotype20.07.2010

Throught practice we have got concinced that people hardly identify and recognize own sociotype. Verty often one may put easily mask, sometimes for good reasons as he or she desires to idealize own image, to present better than he or she behaves at home or in familiar conditions. However, it may happen as he or she has grown or lived in unfriendly environment, under influence of incompatible relationships.


Sometimes a mask is put due to influence of profession (for example, policeman, accountant, inspector, teacher, etc.). Sometimes a person merges himself or herself so far as he or she gets sticked with it and even is not aware whom he or she is in reality. Some get gree from the mask very quickly, some are wearing it for years. Sociotypes Hamlet and Huxley may wear even masks of different sociotypes, as they quickly grasp duly image of other people. It is why they are excellent art directors and actors.

Counselors of Society “Socionics” have sufficient experience for assisting you to discover your sociotype quickly and in pleasant manner.