Personnel selection20.07.2010

Sociotype is to be trusted, not diploma!

Very often enterpreneurs are idealistic about their future employee, as they lack knowledge of human character. Some traits may be easily overestimated, as anyone tries to give the best impression of himself or herself at the first moment, highlighting professional skills and wisdom. Some may stress the importance of their diploma and educational background, however, it has not to be equalized with professionalism and competence. For enterpreneurs, the selection of top-managers is crucial, as their cooperation and individual skills may lead to profit or to bankrupcy or insolvency.

Personnel selection specialists who possess knowledge of socionics, may quickly detect sociotype, evaluate conformity to the job description and qualification. We practice analysis of nonverbal reactions and vocabulary during interview, that cann’t be falsified. We believe that you will be satisfied with a quality of our service. We may provide additional services, like giving recommendations for communications and adaption.