Find your compatible and don’t break up!22.08.2012

According to local news portal “Apollo”, in recent years the number of failed marriages has increased rapidly. In 2011, there were 8303 out of 10760 couples who failed for a divorce, or 772 out of 1000. As for the August 2012, the statistics of failed marriages is close to the previous year, i.e. 7403 couples failed for a divorce.

What is going on in the society?

Nowadays in the biggest part of the world two lovers enter into a relationship (even if they are not in love) and are not concerned with their parents influence or imposings.
In the 19th century parents and the church had a great influence on the choice of a partner. There was an unwritten law that a relationship had to be `ripen` at least for a year. Of course, there were also completely different customs – during the process of the wedding the newlyweds had to be put to bed in a particular way as well as waken up in the next morning. The sponsors of the wedding had to make the bed in the next morning and publicly show the sheet of the wedding night to prove whether or not the bride had been a virgin.

What was good about the 20th century? There was a three month period before Registry Office examined an application of a marriage, and this time was meant for reflections and questioning decisions on the sustainability of the feelings. There were cases when the applications were cancelled and they didn’t start living together. At the time it wasn’t accepted that couples live together if they are not married.

The 21st century brought cardinal changes in the society as well as in matters of love.

According to socionics, the periods in culture pass through four stages, each of them is ruled by one quadra. One period of quadra dominance lasts for 72 years. The last period began in 1989 and it is attributed to Naoleone ESFP. The first stage was 17 years long and during it old virtues and customs were overthrown by new ones. In 17 years the influence of traditional morals was destroyed. The society accepted new changes. Pornography started to spread without control, a woman was denuded publicly. People were allowed to speak in public not only about politics, but also about their sex life. Paparazzi appeared. These new perceptions encouraged even the cowardly ones, who now thought that divorce wasn’t anything censurable. Luring stories about private life out of people became a popular thing for journalists to do. At first the society was in shock, but after a while they got used to it and now more and more sensational stories are expected from the yellow pages. For such a type of press, stories of break ups is not a tragedy, but `good news`, which affects and traumatized not only the couples, but also their children.

Only 20 years have passed and the society has already accepted different criteria in the search of a partner. The importance of a woman`s figure, body, breasts, lips etc is taken into consideration rather than the brain. A new desirable type of men also appeared – `rich`, who can buy anything for money, even a woman. The woman lives as a servant, repressing her actual self in order to gain a financially easy, but emotionally hard life. Is there love in such a family? Does a purchased love make them happy? Are both parties of the deal happy? Of course, they aren’t!
The existing system doesn’t frown upon people sleeping with each other only after they have known each other for a couple of hours. The first sex may seem very exciting in any couple, due to hormones. However, for how long will a beautiful car roll, if fuel is not added? For how long will two people mate, if nothing besides sex unites them? If a couple is together only because of the instant passion or material values, then feelings have not even started to grow between them.
What type of relationships is the most sustainable? There is a common view that it is the marriage of convenience. However, the history of the world fails to prove that these types of couples are happy and compatible.

What is the secret of the families where people live happily from the wedding day till the great age? Why do others get divorced four or even more times?
People are still looking for answers to these questions. Everyone wants to be among the chosen ones who find a compatible very early in the heat of their youth.

Let`s explain this from the point of view of socionics.

The outer shape of a human doesn’t reveal their soul. The soul or the character doesn’t give in to any changes. It is the psyche model of every person that determines the character and attitude of a person. Even after a surgery doll still lives in her model (sociotype). But can a happy marriage be expected from a doll?

Observations and experience had led to believe that socionics works. Only compatibles live happily ever after, the fails in marriage are very rarely. And there are only two partners compatible for each sociotypes – dual and activator – who can complement them; in some cases there may be mirage and partially dual unions, but no more. All the other relationships that have not been appropriate for a marriage are ended sooner or later.

There has been developed a tool called socionics, so it would be possible to find and choose the most compatible partner. Mostly people refuse to believe that it is possible for them to be added to a certain sociotype and that prognosis can be made on the compatibility or incompatibility of a partner. People are wrong when thinking that a compatible relationship is not possible and that problems and arguments will appear in any couple. That is only because they have not experienced a relationship with their compatible, where they don’t have to pretend, they can be themselves and receive the support of the partner in any problem situation. However, with a deep regret we should note that only after breaking up people look for help or the advice of a practitioner of socionics.

How much pain and sorrow would people save if they believed in socionics!

Look for your compatible according to socionics and you will experience wonderful relationship, full of harmony, respect, understanding and love as long as you will live!