16 card test by Ekaterina Filatova02.09.2019

There are 16 different cards located below. In each of them only one sociotype is described. In order to find out your sociotype, read the statements in each card from the 1st till the 3rd. If only one statement match your personality you should probably look at a different card and close previous card by pressing ‘Close card’. Try to remember yourself when graduating high school and what characterized you’re the most. Under the impact of education you might have changed your view that gives a tendency to consider the desirable as the actual. Be true to yourself, it is how you may find your real sociotype.

To make sure you have found the right sociotype, go to the section `Sociotype descriptions` and read the description of the sociotype. The match should be at least 75%; however, sometimes there is also a 35% match. Often, with the help of the test, people discover their sociotype with a 95% match. The most precise method to determine your sociotype is in an interview with a socionics consultant.

The results of the test will automatically show only if all the 15 cards that don’t match will be closed and the one that suits to your personality will stay open. Don’t forget to press ‘Announce the results’!

1. The world is enigmatic and full of secret opportunities. These mysteries should be revealed and realized in real life by using logical conceptions.
2. As for principles of the life, there are some that I observe strictly and definitely; however, they are not associated with material goods.
3. In relationships with others the moral criteria are very important to me, but people consider them as too high. Nevertheless, I hardly observe nuances in matters of mutual relationships and attitude towards me.

1. The life consists in maintaining harmonic relationships among people, preserving ethical, moral and virtuous norms as well as in keeping tradition blamelessly. I exercise willpower in order to sustain this system of values.
2. I try to work as hardly as possible, but I am not always successful at the moments when I have to appreciate my abilities and skills. My effort is not always effective and sometimes I underestimate myself.
3. I avoid lifting up my mind to things that are not likely to come true. It is better to be safe here and now than to regret afterwards.

1. Life has a meaning when it is full of emotions and colourful adventures. The impulse that arouses emotions and what puts their emotions into order has to be guessed.
2. Monotone everyday work is not for me, as my imagination grasps something bigger. It is better to do a peculiar job in detail than work for a big company.
3. Even though I like and demand comfort and cleanliness, I don’t like to deal with housework.

1. Everything in the world has to be in harmony, proportion and balance. The safest way to this is by creating a beautiful and qualitative production.
2. I suspect any information secret and mysterious, invisible and untouchable, sometimes even people whose identity I cannot be sure of.
3. I seem like a calm and balanced person, since I don’t show my feelings a lot. However, sometimes I can lose control and `explode`.

1. My nature urges me to expand area of my influence, and I am often a leader. Since I was a child, I knew how to lead, order and manipulate people and act over their weaknesses. I also know how to appreciate stronger people in order to stay on the track of my purpose.
2. I think that through fantasies I will not reach my aim, as they are a waste of time and effort. The success in life comes to one who takes action rather than daydreams.
3. Life according to certain rules seems really boring, which is why I usually follow my common sense and am successful.

1. Everything is based on certain regularities, which have to be discovered. For this reason, it is important to understand the essence of things and processes.
2. Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand the reasons behind people’s actions and their attitude towards me; therefore, I try to behave properly so I wouldn’t end up in an uncomfortable situation.
3. I am always in charge against application of force or pressure. It is always possible to logically prove the need for any action. If the action comes out of logics, it is redundant.

1. The most important thing in life is thoughtfully motivated work. Without it, life is not worth living. It is vital to organize it in a comfortable manner and earn a decent pay.
2. As the most acceptable behaviour I consider self–control and correctness. However, I am not always able to stick to it and I may explode in bursts.
3. I don’t support risky adventures. I want t know in advance what will happen tomorrow, after a week, a month. If I don’t know what to expect, I get nervous.

1. The colourful gardens of my imagination have the greatest value in my life. Through them I can experience the past, the future and the present to the fullest, as well as observe the dynamics of everything happening around me. I am able to emotionally capture and inspire others at the right moment.
I don’t want to live worse than others, but I am not able to deal with practical matters myself. It is hard for me to remember where I have spent money and where has it all disappeared.
3. Work is effective if it is creative and in tune with my mood. It is difficult for me to follow everyday routine activities, especially, to deal with domestic problems.

1. The most important things in life are harmony, comfort and the possibility to feel pleasure. This has to be reminded to people and everyone has to be invited to join, so everyone could enjoy it.
2. It is possible that such things as the invisible world, mystics, paranormal phenomenon exist, but why should we think about it? We should worry about routine problems.
3. I am not specifically interested in factory building, technological processes and problems; however, I believe all of it is necessary.

1. The most important thing in life is thoughtfully motivated work. Without it, life is not worth living. To obtain good results it is necessary to operate effectively, even taking risks and using every minute.
2. I have to force myself to do the everyday chores – cleaning the house and washing clothes. I would rather have someone take these responsibilities away from me.
3. Regarding relationships with others, I prefer simple and friendly way of communication. I like games and I easily find common language with children.

1. Life has to be according to a certain system in the material world as well as in the field of relationships. If this system is broken, a force has to be used in order to renew, improve and maintain it.
2. In public it is preferable to act according to the ethical norms, but with relatives and friends – according to the rules that we have agreed upon and everyone has to follow.
3. I don’t quite believe in the things that look unusual, different from the commonly accepted and have not been put to practice for a long time.

1. The most interesting and exciting is to see the potential and the perspective in society as well as production and organize people in order for these ideas to be implemented.
2. I don’t allow people to insult me. If someone tries to force me to do something I immediately hold back, but at the same time I don’t try to attack.
3. From my point of view such terms as ‘plan’, ‘regulations’, ‘regime’, ‘schedule’ and ‘hierarchy’ limit freedom and the creative spirit; hence, I try to stay away from all of that.

1. The world is endless and diverse, its state is constantly changing and the purpose is to find ones place in the endless circle of events and become a part of it. Something is worth working for only if it is the best possible direction where to put ones time and effort.
2. Domestic problems don’t trouble me much; however, I understand that it is not possible to live without dealing with them; therefore, I calmly and precisely deal with everything that is expected from me, so I wouldn’t have to think about it that much.
3. Overly fervent emotions fail to lead to something good, they only mess with the common sense and ability to evaluate a situation objectively.

1. The main thing that directs people is their emotions. The greatest value – positive emotions. Our duty is to enhance joy and comfort for people, eliminating everything unpleasant.
2. I am not always successful in composedly and thoughtfully dividing my abilities. Sometimes I work more than I should and am not efficient anymore.
3. It is sometimes difficult for me to grasp the whole motion of events and see the result; therefore, I try not to slip away from the everyday reality.

1. There are some rules that characterize sane life: harmony in relationships, consideration of ethical, moral principles as well as careful sustaining of traditions. For this reason it is vital to develop the morality principles, spirituality and look for the real values in people.
2. I am not always successful in logically thinking through my work, dividing my abilities and creating a system for everything; thus, I put a lot of effort into something that others do easily.
3. From my point of view the greatest sin is violence towards a person. No one has the right to invade another person`s life according to their own state of mind.

1. The world is controlled by a force and our duty is to estimate the power balance of this force in order to organize the right direction for application of this force. That is the only way how we should go towards victory.
2. It is difficult for me to understand where are located the secret springs that are moving people and events. It is much safer to forecast actions and events according to certain facts.
3. No one has to know what I sometimes worry about deep inside my soul. It is unacceptable for me to give in to weaknesses let alone show them.