Mikelsone – Krumholcs test02.09.2019

This test is made according to methodics proposed by Yekaterina Filatova, improving descriptions.

16 cards are set before you. Only one of them contains your type description. Your task is to select step-by-step cards until you find the one who is the most suitable for you. Compare ordered statements – 1st, 2nd, 3rd. If a card contains one statement who is perfect for you, but other statements are false, it is not a card that suits you the best. Don’t idealize yourself.

Test results are given only when 15 unsuitable cards are hidden, but the only one suitable card remains revealed as it is! Remember that you must click on the button “Announce result”.


1. My true mission is to disvcover and to invent, as it is where I prove myself in the best way. However, do not hold out hopes, that I will realize it myself.
2. My time is my freedom. I am not able to let strict discipline rule my life.
3. I can not bear that during quarrels some persons turn to direct insults. Restrain from rebukes if I get abrasive in these moments, and let me pass that situation and reflect it.

1. I fight for justice, goodness and fairness in society. Since childhood I understand human relations and I know how I should behave in order to be pleasant for society.
2. If I have to acquire knowledge, I must carefully perceive and realize the essence of things. Very ofen I feel unonvinced about my own knowledge, although I am dilligent at learning.
3. Anything that can be achieved through dreams, is not for me. In order to perceive clarity about the world surrounding me, I have to get certitude myself.

1. Fate and passion – it is purpose of my life. Oh, yes! Power and acknowledgment is what I need also!
2. I want to be a professional in my job. However, I have to take a general view of working field.
3. I need comfort and tidiness. But creation of them is uninteresting and meticulous, and I prefer to delegate this to others.

1. Anything that makes life cosy and comfortable, is useful. Satisfaction must be 100%.
2. Any work of my hands must be beautiful and qualitative and achieve maximum.
3. I do not try to show my mood in public. I smile, although I am not really in good mood, and I do not burst in joys, if I am in good mood.

1. My inner being leads me to enlarge the sphere of my influence, and very often I succeed in leadership. Since childhood I know how to lead and manage people and manipulate with their weaknesses, as well as to value stronger people that helps to keep to my goals.
2. I think that I will not attain my goals through fantasies, as it is waste of time and loss of opportunity. Unlike those whose heads are in the clouds, one who takes actions, gains success in life.
3. In my opinion, life according to imposed rules is tiresome, and more frequently I am doing things according my common sense and come to the top.

1. All things exist due to certain interconnection and interaction of rules. This can be proved through deep, comprehensive and global analysis, and I am sucessful in it.
2. I do not like to deal with complex issues in relations, especially in public, and it is why I am correct, polite and fair, although sometimes timid and undistinguished. I have good sense of justice, and I expect justice from anothers.
3. I dislike when one does not disregard my opinion and my will and values himself or herself higher than it should be. I prefer to explain what I expect, and I do not tolerate commanding others.

1. My inner being is tightly linked with works and activities. I love to work with high commitment and I take care about work efficiency, improving working environment.
2. I have high ethical expectations for partner, and I strive to be a good example for other people by manners and likeness, but very often I do not know, how to be in harmony with myself.
3. Taking risks is not for me. I strive to know beforehand what may occur after a day, a week or a month. If situation is unpredictable, I get nervous.

1. I live according to the flight of times. I use to see the events of the past, I think of future very much. I present what might happen with person. Voice of heart helped me many times to avoid troubles.
2. I succed at persuading and encouraging anothers, and lifting up spirits. I love to look smart, however very often I suggest better things for other people than to myself.
3. I am good mainly in creative work with people. Solving of everyday household problems is not made for me.

1. Life is given me for taking fully delight. I always succeed in creation of joy and helping others to get rid off everyday troubles and stress.
2. I love interesting, but real things. I want to receive explanation for everything unknown for me, as this makes my life easier.
3. Work interests me only if I can earn big money for me and my family. I am concerned about health issues, and I will not put my efforts in vain.

1. My life is adventure. I love challenges and I know when I should take risks. If I set a goal, I achieve it.
2. I know how to spend time in useful and interesting manner. I am friendly and I find quickly common things to talk about. However, sometimes it happens, that my jokes and laugh lines are improper.
3. Everyday household works are rare ones whom I dislike. Principles of maintaining relations with others are unknown for me, and it is why I get in trouble sometimes.

1. Human life is subdued to certain system. Chaos must not rule it, and it is why it needs to be controlled.
2. One who does not observe rules accepted in society, must pass rehabilitation, and exercising pressure on him or her for this reason is justifiable.
3. Duty of state is to provide everyone maximum protection from unexpectedly turn of events. It is how everyone can feel assured and sound.

1. I am attractive to all that sounds interesting. I am original in whole my essence, I notice many possibilities that are hidden for anothers.
2. Challenges are necessary for me. I am able to solve problems in relations, turn aside emotional pressing and manage things in positive course.
3. All people have weaknesses. If I submit my life to regulations, norms, schedules, I will lose my creative and free spirit.

1. My goal is to find my place in the infinite cycle of time. Every thing has set own time, and I understand, when I should start and finish.
2. Routine things (cleaning, tidying) are not set as the first priority of my life, and I carry out only what I need.
3. Overwindy emotions do not lead to good endings, they bother persons to perceive situation with cold mind.

1. My mission is to rejoice and spread joy to others, to see pleasant and positive in all things, to create comfort around me and my dear ones.
2. I am at the center of all events. I work till excess and thus I run into stress situations.
3. I am not succesful in analyzing interconnections, but I respect wise persons who are able to do it.

1. Life is impossible without harmonical relations between people. Thus it is necessary to improve myself, to develop spirituality and to seek true values in people.
2. I am diligent, but I am not at my best in organizing my work rationally. It happens, that I consume too much my own energy where some take success easily.
3. Any person will feel happiness in the world where hate and violence will disappear. Then world will exist without crimes and jails.

1. Power rules the world, and our task is to match powers and use it rationally, as this is how we can gain victory.
2. I have difficulties in understanding what happens between people and which words should I use for preventing insults, as my tongue is used to be my ennemy.
3. Inactivity is a punishment for me, but I will not submit to weaknesses, nor show it. My external activities do not reveal anything what I had deeply locked inside me.