Test by V.Megedj and A.Ovcharov02.09.2019

Test by V.Megedj and A.Ovcharov

The original test is made in Russian.

Before taking the test, keep in mind that the description in each of the cards is the complete opposite of any other description. Choose the one that suits you the most!

Warning: the validity of the test is30% to 95%; thus, the result of the test shouldn’t be considered as an unequivocal judgment of the sociotype. You might believe that result correct only in the case that description of sociotype matches to you by at least 75%. However, if the sociotype matches less than a half of your personality, you should try to determine your sociotype otherwise. We suggest you to pass an interview with a practitioner of socionics. However, the final word is your judgment, how do you fit within the description of sociotype.


1st question

You feel satisfaction, when you see certainty and predictability in every situation. It is one of many reasons why you tend to avoid changes in your plans, convictions and habits. You usually put everything in own place before the `last moment` arrives. You are able to share responsibilities and meet deadlines. You prefer a certain distribution of work according to time and schedule.

You feel dissatisfaction when you must submit your life to a certain future plan. since you prefer to operate without a great preparation, but as the situation demands your uptake. It is easy for you to switch from one activity to another, even if it is going to change your previous decisions and the pace of the work. On the contrary, it is difficult for you to be subject to restrictions and deadlines, as well as to work under certain and precise long-term schedule.