Extraversion – a trait that characterizes openness to the world and preference for receiving information from all sources available in outside, i.e. in surroundings, entire world, society. The opposite of extraversion is introversion.

In the international designations of sociotype, consisting of four letters, the first letter E stands for extraversion.

Here below in the table there are given main differences between introversion and extraversion, which can be used when determining the sociotype of a person.



  Introversion (I)
Extraversion (E)
When reaching new people I think about what to say and what better not to say I establish contacts easily and am open
Surrounded by new people, I usually listen talk
People characterize me as silent and calm open and talkative
Learning something new, I like to read about it myself I like someone to tell me about it
The money saved I keep for my own needs I use for different activities or just spend
If I had to organize a party I would like to invite 4 people I would like to invite 12 people

Extravert sociotypes:

  • Don Quixote
  • Hugo
  • Hamlet
  • Zhukov
  • Napoleon
  • Jack
  • Shtirlits
  • Huxley