Sensing – a trait that deals with perception of information to the fullest extent through five developed senses (smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste) and enables focusing on current situation and real physical needs. The opposite of sensing is intuition.

Symbols of sensing:
 – retaining sensing,  – influential sensing.

In the international designations of socionics, that consist of four letters, the second letter S stands for sensing.

Here below in the table there are given main differences between sensing and intuition, which can be used when determining the sociotype of a person.

Sensing (S)
Intuition (N)
I am inclined to benefit from the advantages that are available at this moment to be excited about the memories of past or opportunities in the future
If I had to work in a factory, I would enjoy production and distribution research and design
One may rebuke me as being too conservative too oblivious and distant from the reality
In a new situation, I focus on what is present in front of me here and now what scope of changes this situation brings

Sensing sociotypes:

  • Dumas
  • Hugo
  • Maxim
  • Zhukov
  • Napoleon
  • Dreiser
  • Shtirlits
  • Gabin