Statics – dynamics02.09.2019

To get easier on the sociotipa Recognition Road, without four pairs of labels (dichotoms), there are a series of other methods.

The characteristics mathematically supported by G. Reinin are very important in the determination of the type of nature. If you match all the signs of Rankin in a single table, you can find that the two sociotipus of one square are joined by a set of seven features, but the comfort in terms of bays is very different between them. In some pairs, the difference in signs or cohesiveness creates a supplement, while in other pairs the cohort of traits leads to disagreement.

This time, we’ll turn to the statics of a dynamic.

A person who thinks of moving different objects and processes in time and space is called a dynamite.

A person who is able to focus on the invariability of the state of time and room is called a statickler.