Quadra as union of sociotypes02.09.2019

What is a quadra?

All evolution processes, including those related to society, are subject to objective connections. They are carried out by important and certain social mission groups called quadras..


Quadra is a body of mutually compatible sociotypes that share common future goals, similar views on solving life issues and manner in achievement goals.


Quadra is a comfortable group

1st quadra – Alpha

childhood, spring

2nd quadra – Beta

youth, summer

Don Quixote – ENTP

Dumas – ISFP

Igo – ESFJ

Robespjērs – INTJ

Hamlet – ENFJ

Maxim – ISTJ

Žukovs – ESTP

Jeseņins – INFP

4th quadra – Delta

senility, winter

3rd quadra – Gamma

mature, autumn

Štirlics – ESTJ

Dostoevsky – INFJ

Huxley – ENFP

Gabin – ISTP

Napoleon – ESFP

Balsac – INTP

Jack – ENTJ

Dreiser – ISFJ


There are four quadras – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta. A certain psychological atmosphere dominates in each quadra called the spirit of the quadra. There are 4 main traits that unite the 4 sociotypes.


1) language of quadra;

2) world views and principles of values;

3) decision making process;

4) sexual program(sex technique, prelude etc.).


Look for the most compatible partner in your quadra! There are two dual pairstwo activation and two mirror relationship pairs. Mutual relationships are the most comfortable within one quadra. Some practitioners of socionics believe that the most stable relationships can form in a dual pair. The images below depict relations of duality through construction of houses. These houses have three storeys and a basement. The program function is located on the third floor, the second or the creative function in located on the second floor, the role function is on the first floor, but the vulnerable function is in the basement.


Can the functions of sociotypes change their position?No, they can’t! The functions are inherited and they can’t change their storey.


1st quadra – “Alpha”. Season – spring, cycle – childhood, element – air.

Relations of duality in I quadra:

Conscious psyche functions
of Don Quixote – ENTP
Conscious psyche functions
of Dumas – ISFP.
Conscious psyche functions
of Hugo – ESFJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Robespierre – INTJ


2nd quadra – “Beta”. Season – summer, cycle – youth, element – fire.

Relations of duality in 2nd quadra

Conscious psyche functions
of Hamlet – ENFJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Maxim ISTJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Zhukov – ESTP
Conscious psyche functions
of Esenin – INFP


3rd quadra – “Gamma”. Season – autumn, cycle – mature, element – water.

Relations of duality in 3rd quadra

Conscious psyche functions
of Napoleon – ESFP
Conscious psyche functions
of Balsac – INTP
Conscious psyche functions
of Jack – ENTJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Dreiser – ISFJ


4th quadra – “Delta”. Season – winter, cycle – senility, element – earth.

Relations of duality in 4th quadra

Conscious psyche functions
of Shtirlits – ENTJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Dostoevsky – INFJ
Conscious psyche functions
of Huxley – ENFP
Conscious psyche functions
of Gabin – ISTP


Sociotype modules can be interchanged within one quadra. For instance, if Huxley and Shtirlits are put next to each other, they will form activation relationship, but the activator for Dostoevsky is Gabin.

If Huxley is put next to Dostoevsky, but Gabin next to Stirlic, they will form mirror relationship.

These “houses” can be combined in 16 different ways and form 15 different relationships among them as well as one identical type relationship.

That is the effect of the research (visualisation) of Aušra, which has had a great impact on the investigation of human relationships.